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Vision of Service of Tainan Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice

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           It has been 70 years since the promulgation of Administrative Execution Act on December 28, 1932 with several amendments in its history. Pursuant to Paragraph 1 and Paragraph 2, Article 4 of the Act amended and promulgated on November 11, 1998, the system of compulsory execution of overdue monetary payment obligation prescribed in public law once carried out by district courts has been changed and turned to the hands of all subordinate branches of Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice, and the Executive Yuan has put the change into effect on January 1, 2001. Administrative Enforcement Agency was established on January 1, 2000. Since then, the Agency has been actively planning for all administrative execution systems and the establishment of subordinate branches according to factors such as administrative zoning, jurisdiction, geographic environment, and workload. Tainan Branch was established on January 1, 2001 with jurisdiction in Tainan City.
  Administrative Execution Act is in its near-perfect state after several deliberate reviews and amendments. Previously existed flaws in execution procedure are now removed after the establishment of Administrative Enforcement Agency. Administrative Enforcement Agency and its branches were established at the time when the Government was implementing government reform and personnel downsizing. With limited human resource and budget, all the branches have still strengthened self-implementation capacity and responsibility, enhanced executive efficiency, and achieved remarkable results in the cases of monetary payment obliged by law based on the philosophy of honesty, efficiency, and sincerity to actually protect public rights. Currently the number of cases of monetary payment obliged by public law is increasing, and financial cases and administrative fines are the majority; the number of overdue payment for labor insurance and health insurance is also considerable. In the past, the execution was carried out by courts, but the primary business of courts is litigation, and courts could not effectively enforce administrative execution due to limited human resource. Compounded by time, such procrastination seriously affected administration efficiency, and the feature of an administrative authority fulfilling administrative actions by exercising its public authority was compromised. The establishment of Administrative Enforcement Agency and its subordinate branches that gives rise to the system, in which execution of monetary payment obliged by public law is commissioned to the dedicated agency, has now been proven tremendously helpful to enhance administrative capacity and increase government’s tax revenue.
  In recent years political and economic situations in our country evolve constantly that the economic pattern and social structure change profoundly. Strengthening administrative execution efficiency, fulfilling administration in conformity with the law, upholding social order and public safety, promoting national competitiveness, and protecting people’s rights are the means of becoming a modernized and democratic country governed by law. The turning over of administrative execution to Administrative Enforcement Agency and its branches of Ministry of Justice is the beginning of a new system. The early stage is especially critical to the building of agency culture and agency image for a newly established agency. For the administrative execution cases within jurisdiction, the Branch, based on the principles of fulfilling public authority and protecting people’s rights, not only constantly urges its employees to perform duties with honesty and integrity and stringently demands all administrative actions to be conducted legally, but also emphasizes on administrative procedure in particular. While actively exercising public authority, convenient public services are also provided for obligors tending business at the Branch based on sympathy with continuous improvement of all counts of hardware and software to achieve the administration goal of serving people.
  The vision for the administrative execution system, on the one hand, is to increase government’s tax revenue. On top of the amount collected by the Branch itself, by progressive execution action people shall render monetary payments obliged by public law upon the notice of all affiliated agencies, so as to relieve government’s administrative burden. On the other hand, the vision is to demonstrate government’s resolution and determination to exercise public authority to carry out national administration, construct a fair and law-abiding environment, and fulfill fellow citizens’ ardent expectation of a just society, so that our country may become a state governed by law.

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