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Office affairs information

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office affairs information

Service Center Information


Service Center Information
To better serve the public and improve operation efficiency, Administrative Enforcement Agency has established public service center at each of its branch. The professional staff at the service center can provide visitors with information regarding staff/office location, payment, and other enforcement-related inquiry.
Telephone: +886-6-213-4322
Service Hour: 8:30AM to 5:30PM.


Making payment is as easy as going to your local convenient store


Making payment is as easy as going to your local convenient store
Starting on July 1st, 2008, all major chain convenient stores, more specifically 7-11 / Family-Mart / OK-Mart / Hi-Life, are now offering the service to accept payments for various types of administrative enforcement cases. For all national tax , local taxes, health care insurance fee,labor insurance fee cases with the value of obligation under NT $20,000, the obligors now have an additional way to make payment, a safer and more convenient way.
In order to utilize this service, one must bring the notice of payment printed with barcode to the convenient store and must do so before due date. It is recommended that one should keep the stamped notice of payment and the receipt from the store for at least 5 years for any further inquiry. Furthermore, an obligor has the option to fax the documents mentioned previously to the corresponding subsection to prevent order of enforcement.
For any further question regarding making payment at your local convenient store. Please contact corresponding section clerk.



Operation Flowchart of Payment on Site Obligor


Operation Flowchart

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