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Information Security Announcement

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01 New Phishing Campaign Targets Oil & Gas with Evolved Data-Stealing Malware 2024-04-09
02 Microsoft Edge Bug Could Have Allowed Attackers to Silently Install Malicious Extensions 2024-04-09
03 Fortinet Warns of Severe SQLi Vulnerability in FortiClientEMS Software 2024-03-26
04 Microsoft's March Updates Fix 61 Vulnerabilities, Including Critical Hyper-V Flaws 2024-03-18
05 WinRAR Security Flaw Exploited in Zero-Day Attacks to Target Traders 2023-11-16
06 VirusTotal Data Leak Exposes Some Registered Customers' Details 2023-10-30
07 Microsoft Releases October 2023 Patches for 103 Flaws, Including 2 Active Exploits 2023-10-12
08 Microsoft is Rolling out Support for Passkeys in Windows 11 2023-09-29
09 Mozilla Rushes to Patch WebP Critical Zero-Day Exploit in Firefox and Thunderbird 2023-09-18
10 Update Adobe Acrobat and Reader to Patch Actively Exploited Vulnerability 2023-09-14
11 This Malware Turned Thousands of Hacked Windows and macOS PCs into Proxy Servers 2023-08-22
12 Microsoft Flags Growing Cybersecurity Concerns for Major Sporting Events 2023-08-08
13 Microsoft Flags Growing Cybersecurity Concerns for Major Sporting Events 2023-08-08
14 New OpenSSH Vulnerability Exposes Linux Systems to Remote Command Injection 2023-07-27
15 Microsoft Thwarts Chinese Cyber Attack Targeting Western European Governments 2023-07-12
16 Evasive Meduza Stealer Targets 19 Password Managers and 76 Crypto Wallets 2023-07-03
17 Zero-Day Alert: Google Issues Patch for New Chrome Vulnerability - Update Now! 2023-06-19
18 Microsoft Blames Massive DDoS Attack for Azure, Outlook, and OneDrive Disruptions 2023-06-19
19 New PowerExchange Backdoor Used in Iranian Cyber Attack on UAE Government 2023-05-26
20 Microsoft Warns of State-Sponsored Attacks Exploiting Critical PaperCut Vulnerability 2023-05-11
21 LockBit Ransomware Now Targeting Apple macOS Devices 2023-04-20
22 Fortinet Warns of Active Exploitation of Newly Discovered Critical Auth Bypass Bug 2022-10-24
23 Microsoft's Latest Security Update Fixes 64 New Flaws, Including a Zero-Day 2022-10-24
24 Intel Confirms Leak of Alder Lake BIOS Source Code 2022-10-12
25 Mitigation for Exchange Zero-Days Bypassed! Microsoft Issues New Workarounds 2022-10-07
26 QNAP Warns of New DeadBolt Ransomware Attacks Exploiting Photo Station Flaw 2022-09-08
27 VMware Releases Patches for Several New Flaws Affecting Multiple Products 2022-08-04
28 Unpatched GPS Tracker Bugs Could Let Attackers Disrupt Vehicles Remotely 2022-07-23
29 New Linux Malware Framework Lets Attackers Install Rootkit on Targeted Systems 2022-07-22
30 Microsoft Releases Fix for Zero-Day Flaw in July 2022 Security Patch Rollout 2022-07-15
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