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2. Notices for fire hazard prevention

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  • Last updated:2019-01-08
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I. Pay attention to the disposal of cigarette butts
     1. Keep a habit of thoroughly putting out cigarette butt.
     2. Cigarette butts may not be tossed into garbage can or littered randomly before it is
     3. Do not smoke in bed.
II. Prevent short circuit of electric wires
     1. Check for breakage on electric wires frequently.
     2. Appliance power plug should be firmly attached to power outlet. Do not overload.
     3. Shut off appliances in use before leaving to prevent serious losses.
     4. Pay extra attention to motors used in fish jars and video tape rewinders; overheat due to
         excessive operation may cause fire.
III. Attention for cooking
     1. If leaving away while cooking is necessary, turn off the stove first.
     2. Do not overload soup pot to prevent spillage that accidentally puts out stove fire and causes
         natural gas leakage.
     3. Clean ventilation fan frequently to prevent stove fire from igniting accumulated grease.
     4. Do not keep flammable items in the proximity of stove fire.
IV. Strictly forbid children form playing with fire
     1. Lighters, matches, and other fire ignition devices should be kept out of access from children.
     2. Tell children to turn lighters or matches to adults immediately whenever they are found.
     3. If children are playing with lighters or matches, stop them immediately and explain the danger
         about playing with fire.
V. Use gas with caution
     (1) Main reasons for gas-involved disasters Leaked gas is ignited or exploded: When gas leakage
          happens without notice, the gas will be ignited or exploded immediately whenever it reaches
          fire source. Using stove fire in a poorly-ventilated location will cause the flame to extinct, and
          gas leakage or incomplete combustion may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep good
          ventilation when cooking with stove fire; adjust gas flame to blue color to prevent tragedy of
          carbon monoxide poisoning. (flame in red color means incomplete combustion.)
     (2) When using stove fire, please follow the safety principle of “Turn off gas before leaving”.
     (3) Check frequently gas valve and rubber hose for loose connection or breakage.
     (4) In case of gas leakage, adopt the following steps:
     1. Turn off the gas.
     2. Gently open doors and windows for ventilation.
     3. Do not ignite any kindling or spark; especially do not turn on or off lamps, electric fans, or
     ventilation  fans.

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