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1. Properly maintain secrecy when processing personal information via computer

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  • Last updated:2019-01-08
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         Recently defrauder groups often acquire victims’ personal information in advance and then call the victim on telephone for fraud. Some of the fraudulent actions involve even threatening, for example, calling a victim and claiming the victim’s child has been kidnapped by the caller and demanding a ransom transferred to a specific bank account. A criminal may even pretend as a school teacher calling student to gather in a specific location on a specific time on some holiday for kidnapping. In these cases, the criminals are responsible for criminal punishment and those who provide victims’ personal information are also liable for criminal punishment for illegal disclosure of personal information.
  Government agencies, according to the nature of businesses, often possess the personal information of obligors or the public. Those who hold government position should carry out duties and keep official affairs secret with discretion to maintain safety for the agency as well as the public.

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