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3. Cover up one’s own ears when stealing a bell

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  • Last updated:2019-01-08
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     A peasant of Jin State in ancient China found a large bell in the ruins of the residence of senior officer Fang. He could not take it away by carrying, so he decided to smash the bell into pieces and sell the pieces as scrap metal. The bell rang when he smashed it. He then covered up his ears and thought there would be no bell ringing if he didn’t hear any, and no one would be alerted.

      In the modern society, public morality is not what it used to be, and defrauder groups often take advantage of human greed to commit various crimes. For example, they lure victims with wining a jackpot. The victim often worries other people may covet for such a jackpot if the winning a prize is known to others, and chooses not to verify with other people, causing the victim deeply entrapped into the scheme. A person who does not allow greed to take control of his or her mind will never suffer from defrauder’s scheme.

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