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4. Zao Fu driving a Caravan

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  • Last updated:2019-01-08
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       A father and a son were driving a horse-drawn vehicle and passing by Zao Fu’s rice paddy. The horse was frightened and refused to move forward. The travelers turned to Zao Fu for help. Zao Fu picked up a hoe and put it on the vehicle, and took over the halter from the son. He gently raised the bridle, and the horse started running before a whip was waved. The father and son didn’t know how to drive a horse-drawn vehicle, and they could not make the horse to move forward.
  Life for modern people offers never-seen-before convenience with technology. However, the more advance technologies are, the severer the damages brought by technology can be. Maintain safety by using all types of modern technology products in proper ways. For example, when using a gas-operated hot-water heater, if the heater is installed indoor, then incomplete combustion may produce carbon monoxide, which will integrate with human blood and affect oxygen supply through blood, causing shortage of oxygen supply in human body. This is the so-called carbon monoxide poisoning. Correct installation of water heaters can prevent such tragedy.

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