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Who can apply to the gov't for provision of gov't information according to the "Government Information Access Law"? How does one apply?

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Ans: I. Any citizen, legal entity, group of the Republic of China residing within its borders, or any Republic of China citizen currently residing overseas can apply. Any foreigner can also apply for gov't information if his/her country of citizenship does not restrict Republic of China citizens from obtaining gov't information. II. Application procedures: (I) Applicant shall fill out the application form (can be downloaded from the "Single Application Window" on the Agency's website), detailing the following: 1. Name, DOB, citizen identification number, residence or contact address and telephone number. If the applicant is a group, its name, registration number and business address are needed. If the applicant is a foreigner, his/her nationality, passport number and associated documentation are required. 2. If the applicant has a statutory agent or representative, the agent or representative's name, DOB and contact address must be filled in. 3. Description of government information content desired and copies thereof. 4. Purpose of application. 5. Date of application. (II) An application can be communicated in writing or submitted electronically if certified by digital signature.

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